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kaiser permanente. thrive. >> coming up, a massive crib recall. seven is on your side this morning with what every mother needs to know. >> and the cleanup continues this morning. crews working around the clock to patch a big water main break in an arlington neighborhood. >> ♪ >> and later, the last dance. the stars get one final shot at the mirrored ball trophy. good morning, washington continues right now.
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>> good morning, washington. it's 6:00 on this tuesday, the 24th day of november. i'm doug mckelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you, so much for joining us on this rainy dues morning. left turns get right to your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> some likely problems on the roads, but first drizzmality? >> well, oh ♪ drizz mality, hey! >> and feelings of deja vu because you're heading out this morning into the same pea soup mess you had yesterday morning. showers not as numerous as yesterday. la platap through prince george's county and toward anne arundel county. upper 40's near 50. metro, the temperatures are hanging now and that's where they are going to hang all day long. how will it impact our drive?
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let's ask lisa. >> a car went off the road and into the woods and the right lane is close do so as they retrieve that vehicle. a parently somebody just collided on 395. at duke street the pace of traffic that just happened, this is on 395. huh. that looks like southbound to me. yes. because that's the h.o.v. in the center of the road so i'm going to say southbound 395 at duke street. so let's change geico cameras. look at the beltway. mmm-mmm. a wreck reported at connecticut avenue before rockville pike, we'll be right back in 10 minutes with a live look and see if we can capturehat wreck in the camera. >> ourtop story this morning a warning for family with young children. >> the government has now
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issueed the largest crib recall in american history. it effects more than 2 million of these drop side cribs made by stork manufacturing. the cribs pose a successful indication hazard and at least four children have already died. courtney robs robinson is on your side with what you need to know about these hidden dangers. >> the biggest thing for parents using a stork craft crib is stop using it immediately. the dropside feature can be installed upside down, the hardware break an deform allowing the infant to get stuck between the mattress and side rail poseing a deadly problem for your child. >> if this looks like your crib, the consumer safety protection agency says stop using it immediately. 6-month-old bobby is one of the four infants who died after the
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dropside feature on his crib broke suffocating him. similar cribs made by store craft have injured many more. >> he was stuck between the mattress and the side rail with his face pressed up against the mattress. >> theard rail can crack, a depression is made in the bed, the baby's head gets caught in that depression and the baby can strangal and die. >> the dropside feature is made to give easier ack access to parents but this falls church couple says after a lot of research they those chose another. >> i had read they were not safe because i looked at a lot of safety review frs cribs. >> better to be safe than sorry. >> in recent years nearly 5 million cribs have been recalled-for-a broad range of safety issues. this involves the certain dropside cribs manufacturered be between january 1993 to this year. you can look for more information at
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keyword cribs. >> courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you courtney. >> meanwhile the cleanup continues in one arlington neighborhood this morning. thousands of gallons of water flooded basements and buckled streets after a water main break. crews are working around the clock trying to get this fixed, right? >> that's right. they have been here around the clock. it's at a stand still right now. i want to show you the culprit for all this. it's down deep in this hole. now you can see the water main, 32-inch water main. you can see the hole there in the side of it. the real job is figuring out what cause do so that to give way, getting it fixed and getting this road hopeful back open. >> while you slept, arlington cruise worked through the crews rked through the night to figure out exactly how it split open. >> it could be age or force of
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water. >> a home video shows as another man made river sprgs up in the middle of the neighborhood just up the hill from the morris family home. >> we were standing in water and mud. threw our carpets and debris in the yard everywhere. >> a wall of water ripped through backyards dragging along loads of debris. >> we had a sandbox that had 150 pounds of sand in it we found is five houses down and it went through two fences. >> water coming down the street was torrential. >> back live at the corner of gleeb road and old gleeb road really near thetop of the hill. could have been worse if you think that water maybe if it had stood in a basement of so type.
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the road getting open? the estimate is two to three days. live in arlington this morning i'm matt brock. >> all right. definitely still a big mess out there. >> well first a safety 2347pings and now an audit for metro's planned silver line to dulles airport. they want to use 11 concrete pilings that were built in 1977 to support a bridge carrying the trains. over 66. they were only going to test two of them but it's going to be looked into why federal officials did not demand more safety checks. the contractor has since agreed to test nine of the 11 pilings. >> the army psychiatrist accused of killing those at fort hood will plead not guilty and likely pursue an insanity plea.
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hasan remains paralyzed in the hospital in san antonio. he was injured during his attack. >> and president obama plans to announce his strategy, secretary robert gibbs says the president now has the information he wants and needs. that announcement follows 10 strategy sessions on whether to commit new forces to afghanistan. middle tafere officials and others expect mr. o'bama to settle on a middle road option involving perhaps up to 35,000 u.s. forces. >> and finally on a much lighter note this morning will it be mya or donny or kelly? "dancing with the stars" will crown another champion tonight. >> ♪ >> that's singer mya. she's from maryland by the way. stheps front run tore win this. got a perfect score for her dance and leads the pack with 87 out of 90 points. fan favorite donny osmond is a
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close second with 85 points and kellysbourne is in third place with 76. so you can find out who gets mirrored ball trophy beginning tonight right here on abc 7. going to be a big fun show. >> a lot of folks going to be watching that one. >> 6:08 right now. >> and still ahead on a tuesday morning. the holiday rush for the h1n1 vaccine. we're going to tell you why people are lining up before heading out of town. >> but first president obama's first white house party. >> and today will be a little bit better than yesterday in terms of not as much rain as what we had yesterday. still gray and damp. i'll be back with the extended forecast and fresh issues on 395 and the belt weavement ♪ ♪
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>> hi, i'm with the red cross. many say they have never given blood because they've never been asked. consider yourself asked. good morning, washington. >> welcome back to good morning, washington. at 6: 1 on 24 tuesday, thanks a lot for joining us. let's get to your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is standing by in annandale where it's kind of gray and drizzly and you put your finger on it a little while ago. >> yes. i'm sick of it, doug. drizmal. and i think i speak for everybody when i say we're sick of this weather.
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brad k and back lick road. it's cool, drizzly. going to be another damp day. at least not as rainy as what we had yesterday. here's a look at the doppler right now. where he do have a few areas of rain. especially this is south of the area. rolling through southern maryland approaching the county line. along 50 we have light rain showers. where you're not in the steady rain of course you have drizzle. off and on drizzle and clouds but not as much of the rain. persistent rain as -- like we had yesterday. we're expecting a fair amount of cloud cover for thanksgiving then cooling down behind a cold front friday with high temperatures in the 40's and maybe a few flurries knot and west of the metro area. i stress fleuries possible north
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and west of town. alison? >> trying to scare us with flurries, adam. i don't think we're ready. well it's a yearly white house tradition a presidential pardon for a turkey. and this year president o'bama will pardon a turkey from eastern north carolina, the turkey is named courage. he weighs 40 pounds and had a sendoff ceremony, he and an alternate turkey will be pardonned and spend rest of their lives at disney's frontier land. >> 40-pound center that would feed a big family. >> and an alternate. >> ok. 6:13. 46 degrees. >> coming up on this tuesday, staying healthy over the holidays. we're going to tell you why there's a last-minute rush for the swine flu vaccine. >> and a
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boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936 and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when. gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> in ourtop stories at 6:15 part of gleeb road remains closed as they try to fix a water main. >> president and first lady o'bama will host their first state dinner tonight in honor of the prime minister of india. a performance by actress and singer jennifer hudson is scheduled there. >> and south carolina will hold its first impeachment hearing
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against governor mark sanford accused of among other things using taxpayer money to pay for airline tickets to carry on an extramarital affair. >> and free clinics will be offered to people at high-risk groups at each of fairfax county's five health department locations. adults ages 18-64 with chronic illnesses will be given the h1n1 vaccine as part of a push to help before the thanksgiving holiday. >> we've had a big flu season. >> if you would like more information about the vaccination clinics you can log on to keyword flu. >> all right. 6:16 on this rainy tuesday morning. we're going to show you -- this is -- we're going to try to get
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to lisa baden with more on that. but this is just west of connecticut avenue. police activity and two lanes look to be getting by on the right shoulder. in the meantime let's check in on the forecast. >> all righty. we'll start with the doppler radar. taka look at the showers falling across the area this morning especially off to the east over toward southern maryland. crossing into prince george's county. off to the west of bowie. places like prince william county and bristow where i say good morning to trey gouch. thank you for checking us out and being our weather watcher. drizzly day. much like it was yesterday. this pattern will repeat itself day after day after day and eventually by the end of the week we'll see cooler, drier air move in. >> today's going to be like yesterday. if you're traveling tomorrow,
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locally around here. drizzle so wet pavement. drive carefully. around the georgia and carolina coast. showers and snow. chicago into minneapolis, those are some major hub cities for delta and united and american. but look at how calm it is in the nation's midsection. a lot of travel will be uneffected. a bit warmer. by friday flurries could fly north and west of town. but dry. >> thanks, brian. >> in today's "moneyscope" report home sales hit a two-year high and more questions about that crib recall. abc's have a any tae neyer has more. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with that record crib recall. the stork craft manufacturing company is recalling more than 2 million cribs, many of them sold by fisher price. their dropdown feature has a flaw that could cause a baby's
6:20 am
head to get caught in it. parents can call the company for a free kit to secure the side. until then they should not use the crib. thousands of homeowners with defective chinese dry wall appear to be closer to getting assistance from the government. a strong association between the dry wall and corrosion of pipes and wires. they also found a possible link to health problems reported by homeowners. most of the complaints come from florida, louisiana and virginia. home sales spiked last month thanks to first-time buyers. in october that was the biggest monthly increase in a decade. first-time home buyers raced to take advantage of the $8,000 credit extended this month before congress extended it. one in four homeowners is sti under water on their mortgage meaning they owe more than their home is worth. >> americans hiting the road for
6:21 am
the holidays can expect to pay more. gas picked up to an average of 2 .54 cents per gallon. china's government has been given the green light to disney's plan to build a theme park in shanghai. the phase will include a magic kingdom-style park similar to the one in orlando. disney has one in hong kong. disney is the parent company of abc. >> and the count down is on to black friday. should you hold on for better deals or buy now? our expert has the answers. that's your "moneyscope" report. >> the time is 6:20, outside about 46 degrees. >> and takoma park police need your help to catch a sex assault suspect and think they have something that could help to break the case. >> plus the cassette tape that sells for thousands of dollars. who it belonged to and what's so
6:22 am
special about it, coming up. >> and later today, oprah and "people" magazine celebrate the headli-making heroes of 2009. thieves today at 4:00 right here on abc 7.
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>> well, a compute is taking a stand against smoking. >> and the material can still pull in the money. now with some of the stories you won't find on the front page. >> we start with an interesting
6:25 am
story from the tech blogs. you already know smoking is not good for your health but it's not good for your computer according to apple. several mac users claim their care warrants were voided due to second-hand smoke and apple says it's a biohazard and come soft complaints made it to steve jobs who stood by the decision to void the warrant. adam lambert's performance is sparking a big debate online. during his performance is american idol runnerup -- a male keyboardist. they cut it from later feeds after getting more than a thou complaints but now lambert is calling the move discrimination because he said female artists have been doing things provocative like that for years and whether or not the network would cut the kiss if it involves two women.
6:26 am
and who says cassette tapes are worthless? well a tape sold at an auction over the weekend for more than $6,000. the reason? the particular cassette we're talking about was an early demo tape from an unknown performer named madonna made in 1979. it was sent to record companies in an attempt to get a recording contract. madonna still holds the copy rights to all those songs and that puts the bids higher. >> and kids should be allowed to get dirty. that's according to the researchers of southern california found being too clean can impair the skin's eanlt to heal. normal bacteria living on the skin help prevent inflammation. not causeing the bacteria support the hygiene hypothesis saying exposing early childhood to germs helps t body.
6:27 am
>> so let the little one play and get dirt ji. >> that's the thing. there's all this controversy about anti-bacterial ses and sounds like they do more harm than good. >> and there may be linkage to food allergies, too. >> phil, thanks so much. the time now is 6:26. we still have another half-hour of good morning, washington. i work for a global lead that's guided by principles. that sees me for that offers t start right out ollege. i work forbal leader that pthe skills of those who hrved. that values pr skill and know-hskills i work for lockhd in. multipcess pr skill lockheed marills en you join one of tld's leading te employers,
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>> and welcome back to good morning, washington. just about 6:30 now on this tuesday morning. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes and it's safe to say you can put the screen awy. >> yes pretty drizzly and gray for the next couple of days. temperatures maybe slightly climbing into the 50's. just not pretty out there. almost like yesterday but not as much rain. >> and will travel be horrendous? >> sprinkles. not bad around here. but chicago, minneapolis could be snow and delays and a few storms down through florida but a lot of places will be dry
6:31 am
tomorrow. >> light rain and drizzle. our forecast calls for temperatures in the low 50's and many of of us are already at those numbers. dreary, cold. by the time we get into thanksgiving a little sunshine could be peeking through. let's take a look at what's happening with lisa baden. >> a huge tree has just fallen on the george washington parkway northbound about a half mile before the beltway. and the only way drivers can get around it is to hop the curb in the wet muddy grass. park police are just arriving on the new deal. northbound george washington parkway before you exit on 495, tree down in the roadway. southbound leaving the beltway to get down toward the cia, i don't have anything for you, and i'm not really clear as to whether it's visible or not. i would imagine things as fars
6:32 am
leaves you would be able to see this. the geico camera 395 northbound, whoo! look at this pace. the accident that caused this pace is duke street, bada bing, bada bang bada-boom to the street. >> the first after the ikea exit for 95 the networks on the outer loop after connecticut avenue but before rockville pike. look at the hypotheticals. they've left to the way to college park. they are curious and the right side has to stay to the right. it's busy today alison and doug. >> indeed it is. >> thank you. seven is on your side with more details about a hidn danger in millions of cribs. government regulators have ordered a recall of more than 2 million dropside cribs because of a successful indication danger. courtney is live with us.
6:33 am
>> the most important thing to remember is if you're using one of these dropside cribs that falls under the recall, the consumer product safety commission says stop using that immediately and wait until you n get a repair kit in the mail. the cpsc says the cribs malfunctioning are responsible for four infant deaths and it's the dropside feature intended to give easier access to parents but it can be sfalled installed upside down and the hardware can break and deform and all those can cause the infant to get stuck between the pat tres and side rail. stork craft manufacturing is recalling two million made between january of 1993 and october of this year. it's the most recent and largest recall nearly 5 million recalled in recent years. ifer more information on all this log on to, keyword cribs. alison and doug?
6:34 am
>> courtney robinson, thank you, very much. well crews continue to clean up an arlington neighborhood after a huge water main break, a section of old glebe road remains closed. the 36-inch main sent water rushing through yards and a lot of basements in that area. the county is now working with homeowners to help them dry out and repair the damage. >> the time is 6:33 and the police have a composite sketch of a man wanted for attacking a jogger in takoma park. a woman was zragged off the trail last thursdays night and xual assaulted. the suspect is described as an hispanic man between 25-35 with a medium build and short, military-styled haircut. if you recognize him, you are asked to call police. >> more charges are expected to be filed against the man accused of murdering former d.c. intern
6:35 am
chandra levy. federal prosecutors have not named the new charges but found at least one other person who claims to have been attacked by a man matching his description. because of the new charge it is judge has postponed his trial from january to october. >> if the election were held today the d.c. mayor may not win a second term. according to a new poll, 53% want new mayor. the poll by clares research group also shows he would lose against d.c. chair vincent gray. 2% remain undeceaseded. gray has not said whether he plans to run for mayor in 2010. >> the economy is having a big exact button thanksgiving food donations if our area, the demand is outweighing the supply. people lined up down the block as word spread there were free turkeys for the public. the capital area food bank says
6:36 am
this year turkey doe nations are not keeping up with the needs. >> i've been fielding all the turkey requests. and they are off the charts. people aren't able to provide the turkeys and holiday baskets that they have in the past. >> the biggest impact may be on churches who traditionally give baskets to the feedy. demand has doubled but it says it can meet its demand. >> meanwhile the redskins are lending a helping hand to make sure no one goes hungry. this time only prince george's county residents to meet shorblee services guidelines will be eligible, so you can call the number 301-909-7153 and see if you qualify. later this afternoon redskins players will deliver food to three area shelters. >> certainly winning in that category, at least.
6:37 am
:35. 6:35. linda bell is standing by. >> investors keeping a close eye on the housing market. the reason is the index report for september. this comes about a half-hour before the opening bell. economists surveyed here say the report will likely say home prices fell and they also say the price drop will likely be the lowest in years thanks to government programs and low mortgage reits. meanwhile hewlett-packard recorded p.c. sales took market away from dell and benefitted from surging sales in china. >> and several airlines are getting gold stars from flyers in a new survey. according to "usa today" virgin americans received the highest
6:38 am
scores in the survey. based on confident, service and food that's business news, live at bloomberg headquarters in new york i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. have a good day. we have 47 degrees outside. your time on this tuesday, 6:37. >> coming up next we're going to check in at some local airports to see what to expect for tomorrow's big travel day. >> and holiday shopping season is right around the corner, so what can you expect? >> but first adam and lisa will have a check on the skies and streets. lisa baden is monitoring this situation on the beltawa near connecticut avenue we've got some kind of accident or police activity.
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>> 6:40 on this tuesday morning. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with adam caskey life where your neighborhood weather and you're sort of grumpy about this weather, adam. you don't like it. >> no. i'm sort of grumpy inside. i'm a happy guy in general but i'm sick of this weather. i think i speak for everybody. too many gray and dismal days. you get if the car and between drizzle and the road spray you
6:42 am
can't find the proper setting on the wind sheed wipers. frustrating, right? anyway, tomorrow some improvement, but not that much. still mostly cloudy conditions. it's cool right now 47 reporting in annandale. doppler does show a few light sprinkles 3406ing knot ward. from charles county to prince george's county and into the beltway. pushing northward into bowie. otherwise -- at least not as rainy as yesterday. not as much in terms of actual rain and then by tomorrow less rain. >> george washington park weaver, do not usehe george washington parkway. a tree fell down between the cia and beltway. equipment is on the scene. traffic able to get through but it's muddy and ify and i just
6:43 am
wouldn't do it if i were you. southbound you can see what's happening in number one. number two equipment has stopped between the beltway and cia to help cut up the tree and whatever else is involved over there. it's complicated. live pictures, connecticut avenue yes! they are moving this out of your way. let's back up to 270 and old georgetown road. there's an old broken down vehicle. not backed up quite this far. back inside to the news desk. >> all right, lisa. thank you. >> the tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving are typically among the busiest travel days of the year. but no major delays are expected nearrea airports this week because of fewer travelers and milder weather. it's expected to be even with last year at dulles but bwi
6:44 am
marshall expects a small increase. >> and 46 degrees. >> dancing fans are throwing their support behind a local star. why myra has the season in the bag. >> but first the latest on this
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> coming up tonight at 5:00. many men go through it, but few know it's happening. the symptoms, weight gain, fatigue, lack of sex drive. yes, men can go through it, too. join us at 5:00.
6:47 am
>> at 6:46 time for a check of this morning'stop stories. >> we begin with th biggest crib recall in u.s. history. more than 2 million of these dropside cribs made by stork craft manufacturing are being recalled. there have been reports of four infant successful cases. the consumer product safety commission is urging parents to stop using these cribs until they receive a free repair kit. >> president o'bama plans to announce his new afghan strategy within days. press secretary gibbs says he now has the information he needs following 10 strategy sessions on whether or not to commit tens of thousands of new forces to afghanistan. the latest being issued last night. >> and the government prompted to declare a state of emergency
6:48 am
in two provinces gunmen launched an attack on journalists and political supporters on their way to file election papers, the death toll is now up to 46. >> and president o'bama stays u.s. economy's core strengths will help it weather the lingering effects of the recession. >> but heading into the holiday shopping season many americans are not convinced. pamela brown is live in georgetown with that story. good morning. >> alison, good morning to you. the big retailers like wal-mart are already putting out deep discounts ahead of black friday. because retailers don't want consumers spending to fall flat like it did last holiday season. >> it's one word. discounts. that's what many holiday shopers say they are looking for as they cruise online and in stores ahead of the holidays. >> just don't have the money to splurge on thing. >> they are expected to hold 50%
6:49 am
of americans back, the economy. 90% say they'll spend as much or less and that could have a ripple effect on how many employees are hired. in fact -- >> i'm hiring an intern we're going to use. free internship. >> i will not rest until businesses are investing and businesses areiring agai and people have work again. >> until the unemployment rate starts going down, economists say consumer spending, a major part of the economy will continue to lag behind. that's bad news for retailers who account on holiday spending to carry them through. >> and critics say president obama has been too focused on afghanistan and health care reform. his big focus he says is jump-starting hiring. reporting lye in georgetown, pamela brown, abc 7 news.
6:50 am
>> thank you for that. the time 16:469 on this tuesday morning. we've got rain and sort of a mess on the roads. >> we're glad we have bright studio lights to make up for that. >> and it's going to be gray tomorrow, today, thanksgiving day. each day the rain chances diminish a little but friday it could turn into flurries. going to be in the upper 40's. rain totals impressive. over an inch and a quarter in annapolis. 45 in clear spring, maryland. and at children's hospital you're at 45. 45 in mcclain. going to be much like yesterday. just not as much rain. not going to be as intense and often showers as we saw yesterday. but still that gray, damp, dreary feel.
6:51 am
let's get oveto the maps. you'll see on the satellite picture not a ton of moisture but light stuff hard to see on the map that continues to fall over the area. we're left with the drizzle and dreary clouds and damp paern. tomorrow a big travel day. if you're driving locally you should be good going to philly, new york. look at the south and west -- all looking good. here's your forecast for the end of the week. cold front comes through bringing bitterly cold air and could be a flurry of two especially west of town. wet, damp and gray today, around 50. my wife said there's an accident near coal chester, heads up on that. >> we love her. we've had a lot of fender-benders around town and i'm glad she's not involved. see it's in the family even mrs. van de graaff participates.
6:52 am
a large tree fell down knot of turkey run before the beltway. they are in the process of closeing the george washington parkway at 123, there are two vehicles stuck und the tree. not like the trunk fell on them and no one was injured but branches and they have a lot of cleanup to do. in the left lane emergency crews to assist that with that. going to show you this while we go to break. connecticut avenue on the way to rockville pike. a lot happening out there in the rockville pike. a lot happening out there in the rain.
6:53 am
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>>nd good morning, the moment of decision. overnight the president holds a meeting with histop advisor on afghanistan. has he finally decided on troop deployment? and talking about ted kennedy's long battle with cancer. >> tapped octobero mom takes us inside her home today for an interview and th always-hilarious robin robertings and riahanna takes center stage. watch out. on the next "g.m.a.." >> and road and water crews will keep working on that broken pipe that flooded homes in arlington. no word yet on when it will be repaired.
6:56 am
>> the first family will host a state dinner, their first state dinner. >> and consumer advocates will release their trouble in toy land report. it warns parents about toxic and dangerous toys. >> mya and donny and kelly for the dancing title tonight. >> that's right someone will walk away with that mirrored ball trophy, a maryland native mya is the frontrunner. three points away from a perfect score in last fight's final competition. her success on the show is no surprise to those who have been watching her dance for years including one of her first tap dance teachers. >> she said to me one time, you know, one day you might see my name in lights and i'm hoping she will win it, because i think she deserves it. she's a great young lady. >> so mya started dancing by 3
6:57 am
years old and by 8 and 10 she was making up original numbers. find out if she wins it tonight. the "dancing with the stars" finale begins here on abc 7 at 9:00. >> tevo? >> i love donny osmond. >> 57ened i love kelly osbourne. >> and you remind me of donny osmond. >> and better than kelly osborne. >> you going to stay up late? >> no. you guys can tell me tomorrow morning who won. george washington parkway is closed. northbound no dancing around it. blocked at 123 with a tree down in the roadway. at maryland and connecticut avenue accident almost cleared. >> we are huddling out here in the cold, drizzly damp dreary conditions. high of 50. tomorrow less rain but still not a wonderful week. >> thanks for watching.
6:58 am
local up daytime at 7:22.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Washington 10, Abc 8, Arlington 6, At&t 5, Maryland 5, Us 4, Geico 4, Afghanistan 4, George 4, Donny Osmond 3, Lisa Baden 3, Turkey 3, U.s. 3, Rockville 3, Malibu 3, Alison 3, Pillsbury 2, Obama 2, Adam Caskey 2, Bowie 2
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